GrownUps Like Balloons Too!

Think balloons are just for kids? Think again! Here are a few things that grown ups LOVE!


Balloon Couture

Whether we are making hats and accessories at your event or building you an outfit that will draw a crowd, balloon fashion is always a hit.


Balloons are such a novel artistic medium and grown ups tend to get a lot out of our workshops. Sure, we can teach you a dog and a sword, but wouldn’t it be fun to build your own balloon flower bouquet or costume, or even work as a team to build a castle? Kids don’t have the patience for this usually.

Flower bouquet lanturn.jpg


Spoil your loved one’s inner child while still appeasing their discerning adult taste. Balloon Flower Bouquets are a whimsical alternative to traditional flower bouquets, and pair well with elaborate sculptures that portray their favorite things in an impressive yet humorous way.


Oh, you meant adult balloons…Yeah, we do those too.