About our Flowers

What are the different Flower Styles?


Traditional-Style Balloon Flowers are balloon recreations of popular and recognizable gardened flowers such as roses, daisies, tulips, lavender, carnations, lilac, lilies, orchids, bluebells, lotus, sunflowers, etc.

Rose-Style Balloon Flowers are twisted to look as though they are roses in different stages of bloom.

Whimsical-Style Balloon Flowers are flower-like in their shapes, but do not resemble any particular flowers. Instead, they are abstract and freeform creations that look like they could be from another planet.


What are the pricing Tiers?


The pricing tiers determine the size of the bouquet, the quantity of flowers, the proportion of basic to premium and super-premium flowers, as well as the complexity and intricacy of the display base you selected. Unless specifically requested, the Bronze-Tier will include just the Bronze-Tiered balloons; the Silver-Tiered bouquet will include Bronze and Silver balloon flowers; the Gold-Tier will include the Bronze, Silver, and Gold-Tier balloon flowers; and the Platinum-Tier will include all varieties.

The Uranium-Tier will include our biggest, boldest, most elaborate and intricate flowers. If you want the “Nuclear Option” then this is your tier.

Bronze-Tier Balloon Flower examples

Gold-Tier Balloon Flowers examples

Gold-Tier Balloon Flowers examples

Silver-Tier Balloon Flower examples

Silver-Tier Balloon Flower examples

Platinum-Tier Balloon Flowers examples

Platinum-Tier Balloon Flowers examples

Images are for example only and do not guarantee that you will receive an exact copy. Nor do they represent the extent of all options; they are merely a representative sample to illustrate the difference in complexities in the balloon flower Tiers generally.


What kind of “Special Requests” can I make?


You can make specific requests for your bouquet, and adjustments in efforts will be made according to the Tier you selected. This may result in fewer flowers overall, a higher proportion of lower-Tier flowers, or a simplification of your display base in order to accommodate an increase in effort related to your requests. You can make preferences for the trade in effort explicit in the “Special requests” box. For example “I would prefer more flowers over more elaborate flowers” or “I’d prefer a smaller bouquet of only Super-Premium flowers”

Here are some examples of what you could request:

-Request a specific flower, or all one type of flower. This may limit the number of flowers in your bouquet, depending on the Tier you select and the flower you request.

-Request a specific color or color palette. We cannot guarantee that we will have an exact match but we do have nearly 100 different colors and styles of balloons and would be happy to accommodate if possible. Not all colors are available for all styles of balloon flowers.

-Request more intricate flowers, bigger flowers, a greater number of flowers, a higher proportion of higher or lower-Tier flowers

-Request a note be included with the bouquet. This can be added to a heart-shaped balloon included in your bouquet with writing on it.