About Us


Lovekins Designs is a balloon art and entertainment company based in New York City.

Atrina, the founder of Lovekins Designs,  has been twisting balloons since childhood and has developed a love for the aesthetic of "Whimsical Elegance," which is very clearly illustrated in her balloon flower bouquets. 

Twist Entertainers

We partner with Twist Entertainers and other balloon artists to provide premium balloon entertainment and services.

The environment is important to us, which is why we prefer to work with air-filled, biodegradable latex balloons to minimize environmental impact. The latex balloons we use are not made with plastic fillers, and can be composted! Foil/mylar balloons and helium are available by request, but we aim to be as conservative with them as possible. We do not perform balloon releases due to their impact on wildlife and follow all other smart balloon practices.